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We now feature the Enlighten Laser by Cutera. This is quite literally the best tattoo removal laser in the world. What makes it so good? It removes more colors, faster, safer and in the long run, cheaper than any other lasers including the PicoSure. We offer tattoo removal, lightening so you can get a better tattoo cover-up, or correction work for tattoo mistakes!


Tattoos are cool but let’s face it, does your 13 year old tattoo still represent you? You may want to get a new, better tattoo on top of an old one. However if you have dark inks and heavy lines that may limit your tattoo artist cover-up work. We can lighten these difficult parts of your existing tattoo to help you get the tattoo you really wish you had.


Tattoos can be simple or complex to remove. Our Enlighten Laser is capable of removing most tattoo colors including black, dark blue, reds and yellows. We don’t require contracts or push you into expensive financing agreements. Our prices start as low as $125 per session with packages. If your goal is complete removal, then we can help you!


Did your tattoo artist have a brain fart in the middle of your session? Did you honestly forget how to spell “Awesome”? How about wrong dates? Backwards Chinese characters? We’ve seen it all! We can do the fine correction work to fix mistakes in your tattoo.

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Your Laser Tattoo Removal is done at our medical office with experienced laser nurses
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Choose Eric Dohner, MD, ABVLM – The Expert Injector.

You can trust over 25 years of Experience and Expertise with 15 Lasers and Devices to Help You!

Originally known as Oneonta Laser Derm, New York Skin and Vein Center was founded in 2001 by Dr. Dohner, who is the area’s only board-certified varicose vein specialist (ABVLM). Originally started in Oneonta as Oneonta Laser Derm, the practice expanded and changed the name to New York Skin and Vein Center. We now have 5 locations with 3 dermatology PA’s and NP’s, 5 laser nurses and technicians, with two private surgical facilities for your safety, convenience, and privacy.4


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